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Standing Where They Once Stood (Sedona)

Sedona Cliff Dwellings

Standing Where They Once Stood(Sedona) 

Understood by so few

Seen by fewer
A sight so memorable
Ruins they are, but still there
Life from another time standing still

Take a breath of the air they once breathed
Imagine for a moment they stood there
You see what they saw
The landscape still lives
Little has changed as time goes on

Listen to the sounds they once heard
Breezes in the air
Sounds of the running stream
Quiet as though time stopped for a moment
Peaceful where they once listened

Walk the land once theirs
A path worn down with their many steps
Possibly setting foot in their footsteps
You are where they once were
Standing where they once stood


Deciphering The Symbols


Deciphering The Symbols

Looking deep, they are becoming visible
They have always been there
Invisible for so long
Took a while to get there

Lost in the weeds for all these years
Following what you see
Blinded by what’s easy
Such a simple path to follow

Past lives hold the key
Unable to recognize all those doors never opened
Never knew where to look
This is just the beginning

It’s all there if you keep looking
Let them in when the door opens
Save each one
For they will show the way

Enlightenment came late
What took so long
Each has a meaning, so be it
Now is the time to decipher the symbols
                                           - TBH