“The Night Stand” Project

“The Night Stand” project is a multi-phase artistic endeavor that began with “The Night Stand” and “The Old Wooden Box” photographs. Both accepted into Newburyport Art Association art shows.

Night Stand Color Mask

“The Night Stand”

Accepted & Shown at the 2019

Regional Juried Show

Newburyport Art Association

The Old Wooden Box

“The Old Wooden Box” (From The Night Stand)

Accepted & Shown at the 2019 Members Juried Show

Newburyport Art Association



The recently completed second phase is “The Night Stand” short film production.

The Night Stand Introduction

The Night Stand is presented as metaphorical prose from a post death perspective.

That said, after a tortured life Elsbeth has learned many secrets not known until she encountered her mother’s diary (“The Book”). The life secrets learned were ugly, devastating and ultimately put her over the edge.

The immediate instance of death is where Elsbeth tells us about the Night Stand. It is a moment of surreal twilight that is very dark, but also begins to open the window looking into who Elsbeth is. She is free to start releasing the many years of a hidden life that was so ugly and traumatizing. She is bitter, angry, defiant and sarcastic as the story of The Night Stand is told. She starts to shed just a glimmer of light on her life story through the use of metaphors.

The real story of Elsbeth comes later from her memories that are now about to be released from “The Old Wooden Box”.


A recent review from IndyRed:



And yes, there is a third phase in the works where the whole story of “The Night Stand” is told.

“Pages, so many pages….”