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Traveling With 25 Souls(Sedona)

From another world
All different, but the same
All with stories to be told
Much to be learned from each

This world is theirs
They’ve been here before
Looking for answers for today
Lost what was before

Return to the earth very briefly
Doesn’t last long
They come back again
Finding new answers to the pains of yesterday

They can see the future
So much to hear
Stories from now and other times
Better pay attention
Could be yours one day

If you haven’t been here before remember where you are
Never know when you might need to return
If you know who you are never forget where you came from
Never know when you might need to return

25 souls traveling through time
Stopped for just a brief moment to recollect lost time
May never be the same
Memories of better days still there

Hope never fades, seems to hang on
With a thread a rope can be made
With a rope the climb back can begin
With each soul as a thread the rope will never fail

For some the climb never ends
Others see the end
For those forever climbing
This soul forever remains a thread in the rope
                                                            - TBH

I Read The Stars To Get Here

I Read The Stars To Get Here

The journey started so long ago, so far away
Few maps to find your way
Over land, on the water
The path not always clear
Easy to stray into harms way
A few battles to fight along the way

Look to the skies for signs
Took time to learn the symbols
Different from day to night
Navigating on the fly
Never sure of the direction
Never sure of the destination

One day it all came together
Persevered through the obstacles
Finally found my way
In the end, not so difficult
I read the stars to get here
                                   - TBH